Nate Cheyney of White Label Wedding DJs

Nate Cheyney | Philadelphia, PA



Nate’s music career began more than a decade ago while he was studying audio recording at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA and performing as a guitarist/singer with the rock band, One Last Chance. After moving to Philadelphia in 2002, Nate’s passion for working with multiple music styles lead him to DJing. Since then, he has become known for his talents as a scratch DJ and his keen ability to seamlessly blend an assortment of music styles together in his sets. He is currently the resident DJ at The Rum Bar in Rittenhouse and he can be seen on various weekends at the GUESS clothing store. Listen to Nate's mixes here.



Nick DiGiulio of White Label Wedding DJs

Nick DiGiulio | Philadelphia, PA



Nick’s knowledge of music goes back to grade school, where he first studied music at the age of 10. He continued his studies as well as playing in bands through out high school. In his early 20s, Nick became involved in the Philadelphia DJ scene and in 2008 he was honored with DJ Times Magazine “DJ Insider Approved DJ” award. His attitude has always been to keep the crowd wanting more while enjoying himself and expressing his own artistic talent through his music. Listen to Nick's mixes here.



Dan Fisher of White Label Wedding DJs

Dan Fisher | Philadelphia, PA



Honoring the Philly tradition of open format DJs, Dan Fisher carefully curates a music collection from many genres and eras to deliver energetic and diverse sets. Turntable acrobatics and deft mixing will reveal well over a decade honing his craft. He has played all across the eastern US and holds weekly residencies in the Philadelphia area. His edits and remixes are used by DJs all across the country. Dan has been married since 2009 and lives in the Philly suburbs with his cat, Flash.