WHY SHOULD I HIRE WHITE LABEL FOR MY EVENT? – We are the best in the business. We are stylish, skilled and professional. We go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of our clients needs.
DO YOU HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE? – Yes. All of our DJs carry full liability insurance. Copies of insurance information can be provided upon request.
DO YOU CHARGE FOR THE TIME IT TAKES TO SET UP YOUR EQUIPMENT? – No, there is no charge for set up time.
CAN WE VISIT OUR DJ OF INTEREST AT A PERFORMANCE? – If we are performing at a public event, you’re certainly welcome.
WHAT DO YOU REQUIRE TO SECURE A DJ FOR THE DATE OF OUR EVENT? – We require 50% down of the total payment.
WILL YOU ACT AS OUR EMCEE?– We are all completely capable to emcee your event and would be happy to, if you’d prefer. We like to keep our microphone time limited to introductions and announcements.
WILL YOU PLAY GROUP DANCES LIKE THE YMCA, THE MACARENA, THE ELECTRIC SLIDE, ETC? – As experienced DJs, we know how to get the crowd dancing without having to resort to this type of music. If you are looking for this type of wedding DJ, we’re probably not the right choice for you.
MAY WE MEET WITH YOU BEFORE THE EVENT? – Yes. In fact, we prefer to meet before the date of the event. We think it’s important to get to know personally the people we DJ for.
HOW INVOLVED CAN WE BE IN SELECTING THE MUSIC FOR OUR EVENT? -> You are free to decide your level of involvement in selecting music. For weddings, we will send you a questionnaire a few months prior to the date. This will help us to get a feel for what you want to hear in general as well as specific songs (i.e. first dance, parent dances, must plays etc.).
WHEN DO YOU ARRIVE TO SET UP BEFORE OUR WEDDING? – Between 1-2 hours before our start time.
WHAT WILL YOU WEAR TO OUR WEDDING? – We always look sharp, stylish and professional. Dark, custom-tailored suits for weddings.
DO YOU OFFER ANY ADDITIONAL PACKAGES (i.e. LIGHTING, KARAOKE, PHOTOBOOTHS)? – We do not. We keep our focus on being the best DJs in the business. We feel that it’s more important to offer one really amazing service rather than offering numerous mediocre services as many other DJ companies do.