Adam Jaena of White Label Wedding DJs

Adam Jaena | Boston, MA



Adam is a Boston native who has been spinning records for 15 years. Growing up he was exposed to a wide variety of music but especially loved Rock n Roll and Hip Hop. His DJing career started in the mid 90s while involved in the electronic music scene, spinning in clubs up and down the East Coast. Since then, Adam has incorporated many genres of music into sets, spinning records at weddings, private parties and corporate events for Louis Boston, Patch NYC and Cusp by Neiman Marcus. Listen to Adam's mixes here.



Craig Harriman of White Label Wedding DJs

Craig Harriman | Boston, MA



Craig Harriman is a versatile DJ that brings over 10 years of experience to the table. You can find him at one of his many residencies across New England at venues like Good Life in Boston, ZuZu in Cambridge, or The Red Door in Portsmouth, NH. Craig is also an experienced special event DJ who’s just as comfortable spinning at a wedding or corporate event as he is rocking a packed club. Craig’s style blends different eras and genres of music to craft a party that’s fun and exciting, no matter the audience. Listen to Craig's mixes here.



Carl Stenzel of White Label Wedding DJs

Carl Stenzel | Boston, MA



Carl has been DJing in the Boston area for over 10 years. Carl’s interest in DJing is rooted in ‘golden era’ hip hop and digging through dollar record bins for hidden treasures. He started out doing warehouse parties, art shows and a local tiki lounge spinning psych, soul, garage and has played bass in heavy rock bands on the side. Eventually moving on to the dance floor, he’s held residencies at The Enormous Room, Common Ground, Scholar’s, The Gaff and has DJ’d at several Venues in the area including: Good Life, Middlesex, Zuzu, Church, Oliver’s, Foundry On Elm, Jerry Remy’s, Stoddards, Lucky’s Lounge, The Vault, Whiskey Park, Hugh O’ Neill’s, Museum of Science, Adidas and Puma. Listen to Carl's mixes here.



Evan Dahlstedt of White Label Wedding DJs

Evan Dahlstedt | Boston, MA



Evan Dahlstedt has been a staple in the Boston DJ scene for the past ten years. He’s DJed countless clubs including Rumor, Royale, The Estate, Guilt, Gypsy Bar, Embassy, Julep Bar, Venu, Storyville and Bond. Evan has also spun opening DJ sets for Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, NAS, Mike Posner and the Dropkick Murphys. Evans ability to bring positive energy to any event, and satisfy any crowd, whether it demands Top 40, hip-hop, house, rock, disco or soul, makes him one of the most in demand open format DJs in Boston. Listen to Evan's mixes here.



Jeff Ezrin of White Label Wedding DJs

Jeff Ezrin | Boston, MA



Jeff Ezrin is a Plymouth native who began DJing at local clubs and house parties in 2001 while in college. He’s also played the drums for 15 years and has studied with some of the best drummers on the east coast. Jeff has a well-rounded musical background, allowing him to creatively blend songs from all genres and generations that keep the dance floor moving. With his experience as a DJ, drummer, as well as a manager in the hospitality industry, Jeff has the expertise to make every event he’s involved in a success. Listen to Jeff's mixes here.



Casey Williams of White Label Wedding DJs

Casey Williams | Boston, MA



Casey Williams has been DJing the hippest spots in Boston for the past eight years- including The Goodlife, The Biltmore, Middlesex, Oliver’s, Whiskey Park, Local 149, Common Ground, Enormous Room, The Milkyway, Church and The Alchemist. She specializes in well blended, danceable tracks that keep the party moving. In addition to clubs, she’s provided music for many private parties, weddings, art openings, and other events of all shapes and sizes throughout New England. Listen to Casey's mixes here.